Most photographs I produce are licenced under a creative commons license which allows you to share images as long as they follow the following terms:

ALL photos which are created by me MUST to be credited as either 'captincroc' or 'Andy Harmon' and they may link to a website. If this is the case, it MUST to either or my twitter page, These photos MUST remain in their original form with the ONLY modification which I shall allow being cropping. If you are writing a photography feature you do not need to follow these rules. If you share my photos anywhere, I would love to know about it so be sure to drop a line.

If you are making ANY modification to ANY of my photographs or if you are using my ph. photographs for a commercial purpose, you MUST ask for my permission BEFORE the articles are published. You may contact me at my email address for permission for modification or you have any questions about this page.

To make it easier to find which photos you may use, you can find a whole set here.