Friday, 28 May 2010

Eurovision Picks

In case you you don't follow me on Twitter, you would not know about my obsession with the Eurovision Song Contest. I FREAKING LOVE IT. With my obsession, I have devised a list of the acts I loved and wish the best of luck.

Firstly, I'm rooting for Belgium. Mainly because I have the song stuck in my head and the man doing it is a really good singer. I never really supported any act to a certain degree; last year I really liked Sweden but I also liked Ukraine's, Norway's and Greece's entries. I loved how Rybak had won though and it was a great song.
I also loved the Romanian entry that was shown last night mainly for it's mix of a piano and electronic beats and the song is quite catchy. Okay, very catchy. I also heard Germany's one and I also LOVE it.

Something I was shocked about was the fact that the Dutch entry didn't go through. I loved it's insane campness and the fact it's stuck in my head for all eternity and I'm fairly sure, with a bit of luck, it would have done well with. As with who is going win, well, I can't really tell. 

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  1. i've told you! you have to support ireland. YOU HAVE TO!! no matter how shite it is....


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