Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A photo every day..

I really like people who don't boast about how good the quality of a picture is. I also like people who will use any kind of camera (even a phone camera) to take artistic photos or even a simple shot of their everyday lives often makes me smile. I feel as if the people who practise photography as a hobby focus to much on how professional and how high quality the photos are rather than how creative or how artistic the subject or perspective of the photo and it is a shame for the people who are not recognised for their work just because what camera they use is not what a pro would use.

To show how devoted I am to taking artistic photos, along with The Gallery which I will post every Tuesday, I will try and take a picture everyday, upload it to flickr and posted on this blog and I'll also try to explain the photo's meaning in as much detail as possible.


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