Sunday, 20 June 2010

What I hate about E3

I bloody love video games. Namely Nintendo's so much so that I watched the live stream of the announcements they made at San Francisco's Electronic Entertainment Expo and saying I was impressed is a little of an understatement. I loved they're new games they announced and what they showcased was quite amazing; better than last year. 

Firstly, the 3DS, omfg. I WANT. Secondly, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, onfg. I WANT etc. This is the only thing I'm annoyed about E3; I want everything Nintendo showcase and since I'm looking for a new DS, I may lean towards a 3DS when they are available so that's not bad. But you see, it's not the idea of wanting games but more making time to play them all because I'm very picky about when and what games I play. I prefer to finish games before moving on as all I do is confuse myself with different plots and controls and the such. But that's just me being picky. Anyhow, that's my rant over.


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