Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Colour effects

I've noticed that I'm editing the colours of a few of my blandly coloured shots more often and when I originally tried it, I thought it wasn't even worth it. Of course, I've practised more and I get better effects but I still don't do every single shot I want to publish. I've started to consider changing the colour of a couple of shots to make it more vibrant rather than just shots with a chance to have a more clear character. I'll show you the effects I've been using for my shots; I'll be using my tea-light picture I posted earlier today:
A blue-green crossed processed effect

This is my favourite thing I've learned since I've started taking up photography! I love that it shows a horror effect and it can also be done to show a cold effect or that it was shot at a late evening. It takes a while to get the idea right; it can be done with red and yellow to have a warm effect.

'Over processed' effect

On the other end of the scale, you have the 'over-processed' effect which, in some people's opinions, can make a photo more colourful and vibrant and I personally would suggest trying it out if you want a neat vibrant effect to photos.


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