Saturday, 10 July 2010

Come now, join the club!

One of my friends, who also had a passion for photography, had suggested I join a group or club to meet other photographers and to teach the subject. I had refused as I saw no point in these so-called lessons to make me a better photographer. See, the only thing that it could make me learn is how to use my own camera and it doesn't take a lot to get used to them and high quality images hardly ever matter if you really have a passion for it. Sure, it gives you a better credit but even so, surely the art of photography is, well, the art!

These clubs and groups couldn't possibly train your eye to find a more artistic subject or even give you inspiration. All these things give you is the skills to take a picture of an interesting subject rather than convey an emotion. I'll admit that I'm not perfect at doing that but that's the real skill and challenge of photography. Or so they say...


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