Friday, 20 August 2010

The Gallery: A photo I'm proud of

Firstly, with this post, I will totally feel like an egotist. And I shouldn't really; I'm generally really modest about my photography and I think quite little of it. Both my parents, particularly my dad, often drop their opinons upon my work like my mini little critic crew so to speak.

For the photo itself, there are so many to choose from as I feel that I should be proud of all photos I take and to an extent, I do. But instead of leaving it at that I figured I'd pick one and boy was it difficult.

© Andy Harmon

This photo was one of the first I had taken with my new camera of this flower (which once again, I have no idea of which species) but it was one of the first macro photos I had taken and why it makes me proud? Well, it's something I submitted as a competition entry and even though it's not a winner (yet..) it's still one of my favourites.

I must say though, I've had such fun with this particular gallery entry!


  1. I zoomed in on this and the detail is quite stunning - you must have a steady hand there!

  2. Nice shot, would love to know what flower it is ;)

  3. It's a really nice shot - flowers are one of my favourite things to photograph :)


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