Thursday, 26 August 2010

Thoughts on copyright

As far as copyright law goes, I believe we need them. People can't go about using, copying and remixing works willy nilly, particularly for professional's works. However I'm no professional; I'm hardly known in the vast space of the internet. So instead of copyrighting photos, I allow people to share them on their own blogs for illustrating a point for example, and I like the idea that somewhere, someone wants yo use my photos so who am I to stop them. This reason alone is why I love the Creative Commons licenses and and would think that any photographer who isn't get money off their work or it's a great hobby of theirs, is a fool for not becoming part of this.

Now, obviously, these aren't for everyone. If you wold like to make a couple of quid of your photos, perhaps this isn't the best way forward however if all you're doing is taking pictures as hobby and particularly if you want a bit of recognition, it's the best way to see copyright in my honest opinion.


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