Monday, 23 August 2010

The world is exploding with stupidity!

Yes. Today and yesterday saw the most idiotic and silly things I've read about in the past month or so and I'll be interested in your opinion on the matter because some people may agree with it and some people won't.

So, unless you've been living in a hole for the last two years, maybe more, you'll be very much aware of the Medel of Honour video games and how popular they are with, well most gamers these days. No surprise then when the British Secretary of Defence came and said he wants it banned from the UK because in an update, perhaps you can be playing a Taliban player. Now, I don't really like this whole terrorist thing in any way at all and the fact that game developers are joining in is quite ludicrous. However, what troubles me more is the fact that the government are trying to censor this whole thing because one person thinks that people will take it too seriously and actually think their doing bad. I feel as if the country is trying to hide the fact that conflict can happen and I strongly agree with the spokesperson from EA.

Oh, and this game isn't the first one that allows you to play as the terrorist; not played Counter Strike yet,  Mr Fox? I think you'll enjoy it!

EDIT: Did I mention the game doesn't actually have British Forces in the game?


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