Saturday, 18 September 2010

3 Weird things that interest me

I'm no average person. Nobody is and nobody can be. We're all weird in our own way. For example, I'm known for being much more weirder than my friends having a great interest in the technology and how it works; Something my friends know little about. I've been thinking, I'm quite interested in a couple of things which is not really common and granted and I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in this things:

Interior Design

I love interior design and how people design the way rooms lock and feel; places where people work in particular and I'm a massive fan of people who take how their desk looks seriously. It's one of the weirdest thing I've found myself to be an enthusiast mainly because of how a messy person I am. Rarely do I find myself cleaning or clearing things away and I'm oh-so lazy yet I love a clean, organised desk. wtf?


I have some kind of unhealthy liking to Sweden and Swedish culture. At the moment, I'm trying my best to learn Svenska and I'm also finding myself watching SVT (Sweden's BBC) and I'm also finding myself listening to Sveriges Radio which I'm listening to now.

I don't know what they're saying.. Something about the election?!

The London Underground

Have I mentioned that my favourite mode of transport is little under 100 miles away from me? No, well that's why I always see it as a novelty. I love the company culture that TFL puts into the London Underground and I guess that's another reason why I love it so. Also it's a very convient way of travel.

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