Saturday, 17 April 2010

How twitter 'changes the world'

Like many other people who tweet, it’s always fun using the #hashtag system on a national TV event to see what people were tweeting about. My mother and I did just that for the first General Election TV debate and oh my word was I surprised. Okay, most of the tweeters were trying their best to be serious for the first few minutes; 15 minutes later, jokes of all kind came running in and RT’d like crazy.
I think it’s great that I am able to connect to with people and share opinions; wether they are serious ad intelligent or if they are clever, well-written jokes. It’s all good to me. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things people were saying that weren’t interesting to me (people who were looking at the policies and commenting (I had no idea)), but that was easy to avoid. Fellow tweeter, blogger and loving mother, Paula Maher (Blog|Twitter) had commented how twitter had really changed how people interact when a massive event, such as the TV debate, and how much of a complete arse news networks end up making themselves when they say “Twitter has changed this”. Okay, this isn’t the great example of my point here but whenever something serious pops up, we (as the twitter community) only really joke about while around 12% actually tweet about it seriously. Maybe it really can change the world, but not in the way the BBC and Sky think. btw, the jokes were actually funny!
 I dunno, do you think twitter ‘can change the world’?


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