Sunday, 20 June 2010

Feature Sunday #1

Hey everyone! This is my first time at featuring photographs other than my own so please bear with me. That being said, I have a layout of the post planned which basically consists of the photo and then my critique and/or comments.

This photo captured my attention for it's clever use of colour contrasting and it's extreme detail in the leave's vains. I love how the image shows some message of how insects are very brave and that they can also be majestic about it too..

The colour on this photo is one of the best I have seen in nature photos. The red with the white in the background brings out the colour and is very easy on the eyes. I also love how the frost goes over a few of the berries at the back to bring out the real temperature of the picture and it's sure to give you a frosty feel no matter how hot you feel.

So, that's it. Sorry that I used two plant photos however that seems to be the ones I enjoy the most; next week I shall try and be a bit more diverse. You can also send me links to photos which you think I should give my opinion on in the comments. Thanks!


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