Sunday, 27 June 2010

Feature Sunday #2

The artist of this piece is one of my favourites and he does an interesting look on photography and attempts to mix that with his own quirky personality. I love the way he takes his photos as he takes the preference of self portraits and he does them in ways I wish I could. Inspirational and quirky are the best ways I can describe this artist and his works.

'Sad' is a great conceptual photo showing how artstic one simple object can be made to carry a large depth of emotion. The lack of colour also adds to the effect but I think the subject of a clock always seemed sad to me; they never showed any bright emotion.

Those good ol' cameras convey such an old style and charm of the 80's; even the Polaroid cameras had a certain feel, charm and culture to them. I love these cameras for their style and charm. The picture of this shows how charming it was to look at one back then and how charming they look now.

I've done three again and I will be on the look out for another three for next weeks post. I also would like to apologise for the lack of photos for the Photo Every Day series and I have family over but I shall restart on Monday.


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