Sunday, 4 July 2010

Feature Sunday #3

I really should be writing but I do enjoy doing this and writing about it. Again, please respect the original artists and be sure to say how lovely they are. Much larger this week as I've seen so much more I love!

'music makes me happy' had the most simple and underrated concepts of art; combining two elements to create another. I love this piece because it gives the drawing a certain human character which I've never seen done so simply. That's not to say it shouldn't be as respected; Simple can be the best.

'The Train to Paradise' is a great shot. The lighting of this shot is very effective as it goes from dark to light from a bridge. I also like the effectiveness of the silhouettes on the left platform; adds a lot of mystery to the shot even it wasn't intended.

This is a lovely picture of the kitten Yuki taken by a very friendly photographer. I like it because it shows the playfulness of owning a kitten and shows that it's the cutest thing on the planet.

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  1. hey, im plastickheart.deviantart!
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