Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Gallery: Can you see what it is yet?

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© Andy Harmon

So this theme seems to be my forte since I love taking macro images and this week's theme seems heavily based around that. So anyhow, this should be an amazingly easy one for y'all to guess at considering I also put it in a friendly contest with a friend who hosts a macro war kinda thing over MSN. Since it was a kitchen based theme and this was the closest thing to me I took it and I'm a bit surprised at how sharp the image came out.

(This is also Photo Every Day #24)


  1. aha, I have this one - the bottom on an iron!

  2. LOL-yup got this one straight away as well. How sad are we that we can recognize it so fast lol.

  3. Something I use not very often, but when I do, it means ironing 15 husband's work shirts ;)

  4. an iron!!!! :)
    which reminds me...
    ah... oh no no need today... :)

  5. An iron and I can happily admit we own no such appliance in our house :)

  6. Finally, one I can recognise - the bottom of an iron. I am surprised I recognise it, given how much I use mine - I think I last saw it back in 2005!

  7. It's an iron, odd I rarely use mine but still recognise it!

  8. It's an iron - such a familiar thing!



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