Sunday, 22 August 2010

Feature Sunday: Food

So I've changed how I'll be featuring things. Of course, I'll be taking artists I know whilst sometimes heading for people I don't. I'm also going to be doing features on artworks of a certain theme and most of them will be photography but maybe I'll extend to other forms. I'll start off easy with a suggestion I had got from @nickie72 on twitter which was 'food'. Many thanks to her!

The artist I'll featuring this week goes by the name of bittykate on devaintART and she also blogs over at Whisk Kid (which I subscribe to) and as the name suggests, she bakes. I've picked a couple of her food stuffs I would love to be able to bake (an indulge upon)

Okay so this one.. I'd kill for.

She does sushi too... *Girly scream*

All of the recipies for these works are all available at Whisk Kid and I really suggest you subscribe to her blog.


  1. Brilliant first choice, if I do say so myself ;) Those pictures are great (except maybe the sushi - I don't like sushi, but it does look pretty).

  2. Thanks so much for the feature!!

    I was going to ask for the link in your note, but I figured I'd be able to find it on your page.

    ...But then I couldn't and I felt stupid... Haha. Thanks for telling me!


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