Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Gallery: One day in August

So, back to the amazing world of The Gallary which I try to do every week but of course, I often fail at that. So a couple of days ago was the bank holiday weekend for those living in England and Wales and it rocked. This week's topic is to head into the spontaneous and just take a photo of something on Sunday 29th August and report back with it and boy was it fun. After seeing a new building on the news, my father insisted on going to London for his day off, conveniently on the 29th. Yippie.

A little game, if you will: Guess where these photos were taken and you might get a prize. Or not..


  1. New Clock, St Pancras Station
    Angel of Victory at Buckingham palace

    I love the clouds behind the Angel, she is one of my favourite statues in London :-)

    So what do I win?

  2. @kailexness: A round of applause.



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