Thursday, 2 September 2010

Life in black and white

I was trying very hard to not let my next blog post be a photo one but I couldn't help myself; I promise I shall write some more. I do try!

Anywho, after being to London, I have started to learn an effect to my works. See, my camera can take black and white photos much like any other camera you can buy and I've also seen quite a few black and white photos whilst looking around websites like Flickr. They seem to send some kind of good emotion and make pictures stand out really well. I would like some critiques in the comments, if you don't mind.

This last one is a personal favourite of mine, I must admit. The image is of my parents and my mother is planning to get it professionally printed. I feel so happy about that. I also have the free prints that came with my camera to use and I must pick the best ones really soon.


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