Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My thoughts on YouTube in the mainstream media

For one, I'm no film maker and I couldn't possibly manage to create any kind of entertaining length of video because of my lack of patience. But I watch a lot of content from the people who are lucky enough to be very talented in the field of media with any kind of education or not and I praise anyone who tries it knowing that it's something I couldn't do. I often hear film makers on YouTube saying how 'modern media' should start to consider the amazing talen which exists on the internet and I support whoever seems to get a job at and kind of television network. However I cannot fully support it for a couple of reasons:
  • YouTube is already modern media: Many times have I heard walking around schools about conversations on what they see on YouTube. Hell, I've even suggested a couple of members to my friends in some conversations so I have no idea what these people are meaning when they are already part of an emerging media which is obviously being talked about and making it better overall.
  • They could lose their touch: When you have producers and people advising them running around them, I know that I would freak out. These people on YouTube do what TV networks do with many people and they have found ways to getting to work with what they have and they get along fine.
  • The lacking community: One of the amazing things about YouTube is the community which exists on it and offers a kind of fanbase and you can kind of make yourself famous, so to speak. Also the new addition of YouTube Moderator kinda helps. Moving onto a TV network and you lose that community of shared ideas and views on whatever the video was about and I think these 'YouTubers' (a phrase I absolutely hate...) will start to see the effects that the community has.
Don't get me wrong, I would love to see Michael Buckley strutting his stuff all over the American TV networks but I feel that the loss of the community isn't really worth the effort of doing TV. In essence, I would prefer to see my Shane Dawson fix on the web, thanks..


  1. Thing is, mainstream media completely misunderstands and ignores Youtube and it's community. "Youtubers" in the mainstream media is gerat as they can change this, and show them what big talents Youtube really has.

  2. nice post, not that i'd totally agree. i think most youtubers do see it as a platform from greater things, whether it's deserved or not (Case in point - "Fred").
    well written though. x

  3. @PeterI completely agree. However, don't you think community is vital to these kind of videos. Perhaps I'm thinking to much of the model that most people on YouTube us (comment questions etc.)


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