Sunday, 16 May 2010

Apple are the evil one's now!

I've been using Apple computers for nearly a year now and I like how they make their products even if they are expensive for standard computers, let's say I love OS X so much that it's worth the couple hundred more. Yeah, that works!

Anyway, they have been getting bad press lately, no. Going crazy when their prototype was 'stolen' to the point of confusing nearly everyone who ever knew about it. I don't even know if the guy's office was raided or what.. Is it legal? So many bloody questions that we will never find the answer to. Then we have the whole iPad thing. After the question that Jobs had answered that claimed that Android's users are all sex addicts who heart porn or something. Also, the whole lack of flash on the iPad for Jobs' belief in protecting children from Flash's numerous porn sites and what have you.

Why do I get the feeling that Apple along with it's slightly mad CEO are slowly going to escape consumer interest with their silly plans based on personal beliefs resulting in one very useless device. Microsoft, you are forgiven. For now.


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