Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Gallery : Self Portrait

Over at Sticky Fingers (a greatly amusing blog, I must include) has this weekly contest/bit of fun called The Gallery in which bloggers will follow a certain theme and they go out and photograph that theme. This week, it be Self Portraits.

Now, I'm not that fond of taking pictures of myself so I'm going to use expressive imagery to show my point. Bloody hell.

Anyway, like most teenagers today, I am an internet whore. I'm one of those people who cannot understand how the hell people had lived before 1996.. Only with the understanding that the internet only became public in the 90's. Not, like 2000. So, my picture symbolises this idea of the fact that I am, for the most part, on my computer doing something really geeky or so forth. Anyway, I really suggest that you have a good look at the entries and maybe submit. It only takes a while.


  1. Look, let me tell you that I am just a tad *coughs* older than you and I wonder what I used to do with my time and how empty my lift MUST have been before internet and my computers:D Great expressive imagery, my very small children would agree with you:) Jen.

  2. You have a closer relationship with Mac than you do with me!

  3. Ooooooh, I feel so ooooooooooollld. *sobs uncontrollably* Great pic though ;)


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