Sunday, 11 July 2010

Feature Sunday #4

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Erm, yeah. This week I've not really been keeping up with the photography trends and admittingly, I have a lot more stuff I'd love to feature but haven't had the space to include them in other features I do. To be fair, I could include them in the odd post but I prefer to keep my features very formal; or whatever.

Ocean colors is a great way to show how blue is quite a powerful colour and no doubt that some people will agree with me. I also think it's a clever way to portray a certain image and it's colours and it's something truly unique.

The photographer of Oak Tree is very much like me. Take that how you wish; good or bad but what I like about it is that it's an amateur shot with some idea of professionalism. To put simply, the photo looks professional for an amateur and I love it. The colours of the leaves, particularly, stand out very boldly to me.

As usual, you can suggest blogger's photos to me and I may just critique them.


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